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Petrochemical industry production of high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, etc., if the control instrumentation important means sudden power failure, it may cause personal injury, serious environmental pollution and large economic losses. To ensure the safety lockout and handling accidents, without causing equipment damage and personal injury, not to cause significant economic losses, the need for industrial-type UPS.
UPS systems for the petrochemical industry requirements
In the absence of a unified configuration specification, enterprises around the world, using a variety of different projects UPS configuration, most programs are not standardized, resulting in UPS system failure due to power outages caused by production downtime meter frequent accidents. Therefore, the petrochemical industry in 2005 and 2006 have been released some of the provisions. The UPS distribution system made the following points:
1, the power configuration selection generally: two power supply, three power supply, power inverter. Inverter scheme which applies only to the thermal power stations and substations.
2, the system load in the normal operation can be performed off-line UPS maintenance, regular battery maintenance.
3, the power system switching device should be able to achieve bumpless.
4, low-voltage DC bus outgoing circuits, isolation, and the regulator needs to be configured.
5, with two-way power control instruments, should have two-way asynchronous frequency AC power while working conditions.
Requirements for UPS:
1, the selection of industrial grade line UPS power supply, UPS output power quality in line with standards, the inverter in hot standby operation, the wiring is simple and reliable.
2, when the UPS capacity ≤40KVA, should adopt the single-phase output;> using three-phase output 40KA. Three-phase output, UPS must possess strong overload capability and normal work in the short term at each phase 100% unbalanced situation.
3, using the stand-alone mode or up and running machines.
4, sealed VRLA batteries, spare time is generally 15 ~ 30MIN.
5, UPS capacity by 1.5 times the new system configuration.
woqiquan company by virtue of years of hard work in the petrochemical industry, the petrochemical industry and understand the need for UPS applications, the current production of UPS has been widely used in China's oil and petrochemical, and its excellent solutions, superior quality to win customers praise. woqiquan's Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS is an advanced ideal sine wave online uninterruptible power supply systems, the use of high-frequency carrier technology IGBT power devices, can accurately control the UPS of various operating parameters for your precision equipment providing high quality, reliable AC power. Its wide range of applications, from micro to large calculator, communication systems to industrial automation equipment can be used. Mainly for communications, manufacturing, railway, petrochemical, government, finance and other fields. Double conversion online UPS modular design, can do double-circuit power supply inputs, supports hot standby redundancy Union and series parallel way. Rectifier with wide input voltage range designed to improve the ability to adapt UPS on the grid, reducing the frequency of battery discharge. Advanced IGBT inverter with high frequency sinusoidal pulse width modulation design, the UPS power supply of good quality, high efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, small volume and long life; improve overall operating efficiency; optimize the cooling structure, the use of intelligent fan control technology to reduce noise UPS, UPS reduce installation space requirements. Optional SNMP / RS232 / RS485 communication intelligence.